Fix Vev.io/pair Stream Authorization Error On Kodi

We know that you came here to avoid vev.io/pair stream authorization pop up and access to the vevio pair server for watching movies. In this article we will guide you to how to do that before going to fix vev Io pair issues you just have to check below written aspects.

Note:  “for example If your kodi using device connected to “A” Wi-Fi network then you much connect your pairing device to the same “A” Wi-Fi network”
If your using kodi software in mobile or desktop then you can simply follow below steps without checking above thing.

How to fix https://vev.io/pairkodi stream authorization pop up on kodi

Just make sure do the above note process before following this below steps otherwise this steps not going to work even if you follow without any mistake. Let’s get started to fix the vev pair error on kodi.

  1. First type this URL in your browser “vev.io/pair”.
  2. Once you open the above URL in your browser you will see the vev io pairing webpage.
  3. In that webpage you can see once “Captcha box” and “Activate streaming” button after the captcha box.
  4. Now we have to fix Captcha by clicking that check voz.
  5. Once we fix the Captcha then just click on “Activate Streaming” button.

If it’s paired properly then you will see the one note like this “your device is paired successfully now you can enjoy our service till 4 hours”.

How to fix vev.io/pair on firestickor other devices

There are two ways to fix this vev pair error in firestickone is within firestick by using silk browser and another one is using another device like Mobile or tablet. Below method is for fix within firestick.

  1. First open your firestick and open Amazon app store
  2. Now your have to find and install silk browser by typing “silk browser” this name
  3. Once installation done just open that browser and type in that browser address bar vev.io/pair
  4. Now click on captcha option, Then fix the Captcha by verifying those images
  5. Now you just need to click active steaming option to finish the vevio pair with your firestick.

This is the way to fix this solution and one more thing I want to tell you if you are usingFirestick for kodi or any other Android tv this you have to install browser from app store, if there is no option to install browser then just simply connect your mobile device to same network then follow the above method. In case this method not working for you then let us know by typing your issue in below comment box.


Get Free Roblox Promo Codes 2019

Every player of the Roblox game has this question in their mind that what are the promo codes? The promo codes are the kind of the gift through which you can get access to the various kind of the game as well as you can also earn the bonus. You cannot get promo codes for Roblox’ easily as they are very limited and also gets expired soon. If you want to earn the various kind of items then you have to apply the promo codes. So below we are sharing the list of some working as well as unused Roblox promo codes which are tested.

How to get Roblox promo codes 2019 using Social Media sites?

Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular networking sites and if you want the promo codes by using these site then you need to join the group of the Roblox. As the developer of the Roblox game has shared the various roblox music codes 2019 on the social platform. In case if you don’t want to join the group then the second way is to follow this blog there you can get updated roblox promo codes. The right player is always there in the Reddit platform. You just need to go to the various social sites if you want to find the Roblox promo codes.

NameRoblox Promo Code
12th Birthday Cake Hat!HAPPY12BIRTHDAYROBLOX!
24k Gold HeadphonesGOLDENHEADPHONES2017
50k Space 'HawkSPACESTYLE
75K Super Swoop75KSWOOP
150K Summer ShadesCOOL4SUMMER
Bloxikin #36: Livestreamin' LizardROADTO100KAY!
Firestripe Fedora*HAPPY2019ROBLOX*
Full Metal TophatTARGET2018
Glorious Pharaoh of the SunGAMESTOPPRO2019
Jurassic World SunglassesJURASSICWORLD
Next Level Blue HeadphonesHEADPHONES2
Next Level Future VisorKEEPIT100
Next Level MLG HeadphonesMLGRDC
Shades of the Blue Bird FollowingROBLOXROCKS500K
Showtime Bloxy Popcorn Hat$ILOVETHEBLOXYS$
Southwest Straw FedoraSXSW2015
Transylvanian CapeHOTELT2
Violet Hood of the Ages200kTWITCH
Visor of the Blue Bird FollowingWEAREROBLOX300!

How to Redeem Roblox Promo Codes?

You just need to follow the below steps after you get the Roblox promo codes, then you can easily redeem them. So without wasting the single seconds, let’s have a look-

  • Firstly you have to copy the promo code for the Roblox that you have found
  • After that, you have to visit the Roblox Website, where you need to sign up with the correct detail or click on the login option in case you have already have an account.
  • Now you have to go to the section of the promo codes and paste the promo codes at the place
  • In the last, you just need to click on the redeem button and in this way you can easily add the free virtual good in your Roblox account.

Roblox promo code hacks and Roblox promo code generators

If you want the best and the expected result without wasting your time as well as the energy then you have to adopt the other ways. These Roblox redeem codes 2019 can be applied within the few seconds and you can play your favorite game and earn the various gift as well as the money also. As there are various sites which can claim to give you the hack access of the game and also provide you the many generators. These sites will show the various offer which seems very attractive but the chances of these offers are only the scam.

I hope this would be enough information about the all Roblox promo codes and now you can apply these codes just to earn the money and the gift. But still, you have any issue then let us know by commenting below.


D&D 5e Best Languages & How to Use Guide

To communicate well with people you need to have a common language as a medium. I hope you by now what is the article about!

Well yes, D &Dlanguages are for dungeons and dragons role playing games.

For you to learn multiple languages here will be beneficial as if your enemy does not know the language you can easily communicate with your characters.

There are many good D&D 5e best languages that you can learn to confuse your enemies.

Firstly you have to understand that there are two categories standard and exotic languages 5e, one has to take help from the dungeon master to learn and enhance their skill points.

Here are few of the best D&D languages which can help you defeat your enemy.

  • Celestial, giant, draconic, gnoll, sylvan and primordial.


Mostly the best preformed character of the game uses one among these best D&D 5e languages.  No matter what your character is in the games, be it human or anything other, you have to improve your game level and skill points, only then the 5e languages will be helpful to you.

How to beat your enemy in the game using one of the best D & D 5e languages? Let us help you with a set of information for you to optimize your proficiency in the game, to win the game.


  • Remember one must at least know two languages even at the beginner level, this is a must!
  • Next thing you must know is your character’s default language will be known to you by your Race.
  • Only when you pick up another level in a race, the dungeon master himself will give you a set of different languages to learn.

For instance, if you pick up being a half-elf, you will get “additional languages to learn”.

  • Your background can even give you access to few additional languages if you are looking for that.
  • As and when you choose the language for the game, note them down on the character’s sheet.
  • Selection for this can be done from the “Standard language Table”, here you can choose a common language of your campaign to communicate well with other players of the game.
  • Now to choose a new language from the two categories, for instance, the exotic category, only the dungeon master will allow you to choose.
  • The dungeon master will allow you here to choose a 5e language with other enemies and thieves do not understand so you can outsmart the game.

Remember D & D 5e languages will help you strategize your game better and even communicate well against your enemies.

There are afew 5e languages which are race- specific, so you can learn them only if you upgrade your race.

However one can learn N no of different languages from both the categories standard and exotic to make their character special and to communicate with all the creatures, especially against your enemies.


5 Best Alternative Apps For Trakt For Tracking Movies & TV Shows

Similar Apps like trakt tv activate, we have plenty of apps in this digital world, some of them have same features like our trakt and some of them have some extremely useful features, if you want to try them too, then read the below aspects which we have mentioned below categories wise.

Actually, the trakt app keep tracking our favorite videos and keep providing plenty of ways to share our favorite movies or any other shows..etc. Like this app we have so many apps with more than enough attracting features. But as per my experience nothing is better than the trakt tv, if you’re facing any issues while activating then trakt tv just click on the below image and you can get the step by step guidance. You can try them too by getting some information about those apps from the below lines. So lets get started.

Trakt tv activate

Apps Similar/Alternative To Trakt.Tv

Now we are going to give a list of alternative apps to the trakt.tv app, now you can select any one of those apps and use them with more publicly or privately how ever you would like to use. So read those top 5 tracking apps features and get whatever you want to get.

1.Simkl vs Trakt

The Simkl can automatically track tv, anime and also movies whatever you’re watching. If you’re confusing or if you’re unable to remember that where your favorite video will going to be playing such as amazon or netflix, no problem this Simkl will help you to remind. To mashup your watched data like combine all your queues in one place, it has a website, scrobbler (Computer application), open API and mobile app also. So once use this app and get your favorite stuff done what you hadn’t finish with your trakt.


2. Ishows Tv vs Trakt

The Ishows Tv allows you to find out the all kinds of tv shows and any other trending and also the most popular videos in a simple and easier way. This ishows tv has been powered by the trakt.tv, according to this If you’re connected to the Trakt.tv, you can even get recommendations based on your shows too, and also you have a chance to find out what TV shows your friends are watching. But you have to keep in mind is, with this app we can not view our favorite apps with in this Ishows Tv App.

iShows Tv


3. SeriesGuide vs Trakt

This Series guide find the shows to track which are powered by the “trakt.tv”. By the huge TV show catalog of TheTVDb it has been backed. After connecting your account we can access our trakt recommendations and also the library. In this app we have a share button to explore our favorite stuff into the internet world.So once use this app and get your favorite stuff done what you hadn’t finish with your trakt.

Series Guide

4. MovieLens vs Trakt

This MovieLens recommends to find non commercial, personalized movies and aso any other movies to watch.


5. Letterboxd vs Trakt

It is like a social site to share all your thoughts and interests on movies, now it is available in public beta also. So you can record your opinions on any of you watched films as a diary. What ever the list you have made through this Letterboxd you can share your lists and also reviews to any other social networks.


Final Thoughts:

We are regarding this tutorial help you a lot and we hope you have found this article very helpful. If that’s the case then share this article with your friends who are using the trakt and who wants to get the alternatives of this trakt.tv app. We also accept your thoughts and we will share them with our readers, so if you find any other best alternatives of this trakt.tv then leave your comment below by mentioning what you’re recommending us to use.


How to resolve no stream available on your Kodi 17.8 & 18

Let’s admit it we think about kodi only when we want some entertainment in our lives and want to relax, how upsetting it is when your kodi doesn’t stream your beloved videos?

Well if you are stuck in the same problem then do not waste hours to find the solution of how to fix it, you are on the right page to find the solution and to resolve no stream available problem and also facing issues in Placenta kodi Not Working 2018 error and as errors also fixed in this article.

The latest kodi versions are supposed to give you more and more flexibility but kodi still not working in 2018, where efficiency is the key feature of such software’s is pretty disappointing, isn’t it?

Top 4 Issues Causes to Get Kodi No Stream Available in 2018

If you try to switch to Kodi for your entertainment and find No stream available, then probably here is the guideline we can help you with to resolve your streaming issues of kodi.

  • Check if you are using an abandoned Kodi

Now with the constant up gradation, even the kodi add on are been updated on a fairly regular basis. So if you are using an old version of Kodi add on for instance you are still using the Genesis instead of the exodus, then you probably need to switch it to fix your No stream available problem.

Though you can still use the older version of these add –ons but they will not guarantee you flexibility while streaming.

  • Check if you are getting regulated, filtered or Geo- blocked by the ISP.

Sometimes the issue is not with your Kodi but with the location and the regulations, many kodi-add on are trying to give you flexibility and their sources might be from other country. But there are chances of no stream available issue if your ISP has enabled filtering. Geo- blocking means the server do not allow you to watch certain contents, films and videos, but you can easily surpass this problem if you mask your IP address.

  • Trouble shoot your Kodi application

This has happened to me quite a few times as well, now usually when I try to make my Kodi all fancy with new add ons and updates, Kodi starts acting unusual. This no streaming of videos might be one of them.

So simple resolve the Kodi issue, by this I mean factor reset the Kodi and trouble shoot all your Kodi related problems and get a brand new Kodi instead.

  • Clear cache

Sometimes our big problems have the simplest solution that we cannot believe, now whenever you watch any video on kodi a part of gets saved in your cache file, now when it is completely filed your next videos cannot load.

To encounter this problem either you can manually clear the cache every now and then or you can download Indigo Kodi add on from Kodi Israel (Kdil.co) repo. After this simply click on the clear cache option of the maintenance tool and get your videos back on streaming.

If you still encounter this problem, then I believe uninstall and reinstall the Kodi, or factor reset it as these are the best two solutions to get your working efficiently.


Olpair, Vshare Pair, Flashx Pair Kodi Streaming Authorization Solution 2018

Are you facing issues with Kodi? More specifically the video servers on Kodi like olpair, FlashX and VShare? The solution to this is really simple and instantly effective. In this article, we will show you all the ways to bypass any authorization error you might face with these video servers. You will also learn to how to fix major authorization issues you might face with these servers by using a really simple pairing method which is implemented by these video-sharing services along with Kodi.

Olpair streaming authorization 2018

First we have OpenLoad which is a file-hosting and file-sharing service where it’s users can upload any content and share the files by providing the link generated by OpenLoad.

Developers from OpenLoad partnered up with Kodi to make a pair access with the device or the network you are using and in the process of doing so you will be directed to olpair and this will grant them revenue from ads which lets you help them for providing you with TV shows and movies.

How to use this system and use OpenLoad?

  1. Open your Web Browser which is up-to-date with the latest scripts and plugins like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Enter the link https:// olpair.com/ on the URL bar of your web browser. This site is made by OpenLoad to assist users in streaming videos from their server by using a process called pairing which registers your network to their system.
  3. Complete the captcha by clicking on I’m not a robot and solve any captcha that will help in proving you are human.
  4. Press the pair button located below after confirming that you are not a robot, it will then pair your network with OpenLoad for the next 4 hours from the time of pairing and you will be granted access to all of OpenLoad’s hosts and videos.
  5. You can repeat this process as many times as you want and simply go to olpair.com again and pair to extend the pairing for another 4 hours.

Vshare.eu/pair streaming authorization

Vshare.eu is a video server with a lot of popularity, it holds millions of videos of popular TV shows and movies. It is cross-platform as well, meaning it allows users to share and upload any of their videos and share it online. The URL also stands for Video Share. Due to it’s booming popularity, the developers have created a pairing system to access it’s videos to avoid overload on their servers.

How to use this system and use VideoShare, vshare.eu?


  1. First of all, connect to a VPN on your device and select your desired country location to replace your IP so you can access the content mentioned without revealing your identity such as location and IP address.
  2. Open your Web Browser which is up-to-date with the latest scripts and plugins like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Enter the link  http:// vshare .eu/pair on the URL bar of your web browser. This site is made by VideoShare, vshare.eu to assist users in streaming videos from their server by using a process called pairing which registers your network to their system.
  4. Complete the captcha by clicking on I’m not a robot and solve any captcha that will help in proving you are human.
  5. Press the pair button located below after confirming that you are not a robot, it will then pair your network with VideoShare, vshare.eu for the next 4 hours from the time of pairing and you will be granted access to all of VideoShare, vshare.eu’s hosts and videos.
  6. You can repeat this process as many times as you want and simply go to vshare pair again and pair to extend the pairing for another 4 hours.

Flashxtv pair authorization 2018

Flashxtv is another video storage server which has ton of videos, tv shows and movies. It’s developers created a pairing system after teaming up with Kodi which is mandatory to be used before accessing any video from their servers.

How to use this system and use VideoShare, vshare.eu?

  1. Open your Web Browser which is up-to-date with the latest scripts and plugins like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Enter the link https:// flashx .tv/pairing.php on the URL bar of your web browser. This site is made by FlashX to assist users in streaming videos from their server by using a process called pairing which registers your network to their system.
  3. Sign up and create a new account in their site.
  4. Now go check your email for an account confirmation mail sent by them to the one you entered while signing up.
  5. Once it’s done, enter https:// flashx .tv/pairing.php again.
  6. Click Verify Me and then press the pair button after verifying that you are not a robot, it will then pair your network with FlashX Pair for the next 4 hours from the time of pairing and you will be granted access to all of FlashXs hosts and videos.

Final Words

This was a tutorial to guide you in the stream authorization errors you may face on three of the biggest video sharing servers, hope this resolves any issues you may face. Do comment down below to let us know what you think about this guide and also if you might have any issues so we can get back to you immediately and assist you. Thank you for reading!


D&D 5th Edition Player’s Handbook PDF Free Download

Hello to dungeons and dragons world! today my friend asked me about dnd 5e handbook. His question is what is player’s handbook? how do this useful to us as a role player. Have you ever face this doubt like my friend? If you are waiting for an answer to this question we are ready to give a perfect answer to you. Actually, the d&d player’s handbook helps you a lot. Without this book, you can do nothing. This book contains all rules of the game  You can use this book for so many tasks which you are going to face in the game. If you want to know more details about the 5e character sheet pdf then you have to read this article, It is mandatory to know more details about the player’s handbook.

Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook

Actually, if anybody wants to play any kind of game then he/she should have a guidance to play that particular game. The same formulae apply to this game also. In this, you had Dungeons and Dragons player’s handbook. This book keeps all the information about the d&d game. So you no need to go anywhere just read this book and know what is what. Again you might get a doubt about how to acquire this book? Then you have to come downside then you have a chance to get this book.

5th Edition Player’s Handbook pdf Free Download

I said in the above paragraph you should know the rules and regulations of the dungeons and dragons. To know that rules of the game you have to download the dnd 5e handbook. In this game you have to fill your character sheet with a lot of techniques then only you can make your D&D 5e character sheet very well. If you learnt rules about the game you can make a powerful character easily. for that, I am showing you a path to you and get  5th edition player’s handbook pdf free download  From there you can get the book in the pdf format. That site will give you all the information about the dnd 5e player’s handbook. So it’s a great chance to get the dungeons and dragons 5th edition player’s handbook.

(players handbook pdf link)

D&D 5e Player’s Handbook online

Basically, the book doesn’t come to you without using the online service. So you have to use your computer or any electronic device which downloads the pdf files. So this is the process to get d&d 5e player’s handbook online. From the site which I provided in the above, you can get the dungeons and dragons books also. Just try it once you definitely say it is the perfect platform to get d&d 5e player’s handbook.


We included all the relevant content of the d&d 5e player’s handbook. It is the great opportunity to get the player’s handbook 5e those who are searching for it. I feel glad if it satisfies you. Just check it once and get more information than you want to get.


How To Solve http://olpair.com /pair Kodi Error

From the beginning of the Kodi software evolution, there are so many addons has emerged and they have been getting the same popularity as compared to the Kodi software. But as the popularity has increased the Kodi software sustainability also has been decreased. Here the sustainability means, the Kodi can deliver a lot of videos, tv shows,…etc through the different addons because of this reason the users of the Kodi has been attracting a lot. So this traffic is unable to stop and unable to deliver the user satisfied videos. For them, the Kodi developers have introduced olpair system you can get that through the https://olpair.com /pair.

In this article, we are giving the tutorial and that will make you well satisfied. So just follow the tutorial and let your videos back without any interrupting issues.

How To Pair Your Device IP Address With http://olpair.com /pair

To get your videos back without the hassle you have to fix your device IP address with the https://olpair.com /pair. So in this article, we are going to give you the latest solution which is highly giving the service to all Kodi users. So let’s get started the step by step tutorial.

First of all, you need to connect your streaming device and your pc to the same network or not. If not connect both of them to the same network.

  1. Open your “Kodi Software” on your device either it could be a PC or Mobile
  2. Try to watch a movie or any other videos through the “Addon”
  3. But here you will not be allowed to watch your selected video
  4. The video will deliver different “Servers List”
  5. From them, you need to select “Olapir.com
  6. Again try to watch a “Movie Or Any Video”
  7. But this time you will get “To Play This Vido Stream Authorization Is Required” pop up
  8. Now open a “New Browser” on your device and enter “http://olpair.com/pair”
  9. Here you will get an “IP Address” for your device and hit in the empty box which lied beside of “IAM NOT A ROBOT”
  10. Click on “Pair”
  11. After few seconds you will get a notification which says “Your Device Has Paired” Successfully

That’s it guys you have paired your device successfully and you can use this service up to four hours. But after every four hours, you need to follow the same procedure because you have to change your IP address for every four hours.


From this article, we have tried to solve your http://olpair.com /pair issue if you have satisfied with this procedure let us know by commenting in the comment box. You can also comment any of your queries which are relating to the olpair issues and also the suggestions about it.

More info you can Read: https://olpairfix.com


Is Flashx Pair Safe To Use On Kodi?

Of course, as my experience, the flashx is the very good and safest server. It won’t let your information go outside, it will give you the best service also. Once you paired your device with the flashx cc pair IP address then this server will give you its service until it reaches its four hours duration. To know the more details about the flashx pair safe or not, you must follow the below steps and they will give you the best information about it.

Before we are going to a deep discussion about this server’s safety we have to know the what is a flashx pair, and some more interesting details of it.

What Is Flashx pair And How To Be In A Safe?

The flashx pair is a server which would appear whenever the user trying to watch a movie through the any of their favorite addons on their Kodi device. So the server which won’t let the user watch their favorite videos is called the server flashx. So the flashx is one of the servers which are giving the interruption while you are watching one of your favorite videos.

But why should we get this flashx pair service means it is the server which stops the interrupting issues on your Kodi. To get this server you have to select the server and pair that server with the Kodi device IP address. Now we are going to learn the procedure to fix this flashx pair with the Kodi.

Safe Way To Use Flashx Pair Service By Using The Stream Authorization?

To fix the flashx pair and want to use safely then you have to follow the stream authorization method and it will be showing through the below experimental steps and you don’t have a chance to get the errors again on your kodi.

  1. Launch your “Kodi Software” > Click on any one of your “Addons”> Chose “Movie” on it
  2. But you will get “Different Servers” > From those servers you have to click on the “Flashx Pair”
  3. “Try To Watch A Movie” > But it gives “To play this video Stream Authorization Has Required”
  4. Now go to the “https://flashx.tv/pairing.php” web address through the “New Browser”
  5. “Sign up” to the flashx pair > Open your “Registered Mail Id” > Click on the “Confirmation link” in it
  6. Now open the “https://flashx.tv/pairing.php”
  7. There you have to click on the “Verify Me” and then hit on the “Pair Now” option
  8. After few seconds a pop up will deliver “Your device has paired successfully”

This is the procedure to get the services of flashx pair in safe way and you will never get any kind of interrupting servers issues, after four hours you have to repeat this procedure again. So for better streaming, you must repeat this procedure for every four hours.


Tvad.me/pair Not Working (1 Working Solution)

Almost every Kodi user is aware of tvad.me/pair and its great contribution to delivering the different Kodi add-ons videos. There are few users who say that tvad.me/pair not working. For those users, solutions to this error are mentioned below. Just read the article and solve the tvad.me/pair issues.

Why do we get tvad.me/pair error?

Tvad.me is a type of bridge that delivers the videos without having any interruptions. Whenever someone tries to open a video through the add-on, he will definitely be struck some time to load your video. The reason for this interruption is that there are huge followers of the Kodi software. To avoid this problem, tvad.me pair developers and Kodi developers introduced pairing of IP addresses by working together.

If on your Kodi add-ons you get servers list, means your Kodi software don’t have the vidup pair. To pair your IP address of your device, you can follow the method mentioned below.

  • When you see a list of servers while playing a video on Kodi, search among them “tvad.me/the video server” and click on this server
  • When you select tvad.me server, A box will open saying “Stream Authorization Required”
  • It means you need to visit tvad.me/pair
  • When you visit tvad.me, you would get your “Connection IP” and “Captcha”
  • Solve the captcha and click on the “Pair” and “Activate Streaming” option
  • After a few seconds, you would get “Your IP address has authenticated”
  • Now you are ready to use the service for 4 hours
  • After 4 hours, just repeat the process

Fixing “Not Working Error” by Hosters With Captchas

This is an alternative method to fix tvad.me not working error. The name of this method is Hosters with captchas.

  • First of all launch your Kodi
  • Click on the “Video Add-ons” from the Home Screen
  • After that, click on your tvad.me adon
  • From tvad.me addon, click on “Settings” option
  • Select the playback option from the left column of your screen
  • Now click that playback option
  • Now, you will see “Hosters With Captchas” option
  • Turn off the Hosters with Captchas option to make this procedure successful
  • Finally, click on OK

Fix tvad.me error with URL Resolver

With the help of this method, the Kodi add-ons will not get any wrong URL issues. Follow the steps

  • Launch your Kodi
  • Select the option “Settings”
  • After that click on “System Settings”
  • You will get “Settings Mode”
  • Convert “Settings Mode” into “Expert Mode”
  • Now, click on the add-ons
  • After that, select “Manage Dependency”
  • Search for the “URL resolver” here and click on it
  • Now, “information Page” will appear, just click on this option
  • Click on the configure among the various options that are appearing
  • Now you will get “Resolver List” Click on it
  • From this list, you can select “tvad.me Resolver”
  • At last, click on “Confirm”

With this procedure you can fix tvad.me with the URL resolver. This methods helps you to fix tvad.me/pair at any kind of incidents.