5 Best Alternative Apps For Trakt For Tracking Movies & TV Shows

Similar Apps like trakt tv activate, we have plenty of apps in this digital world, some of them have same features like our trakt and some of them have some extremely useful features, if you want to try them too, then read the below aspects which we have mentioned below categories wise.

Actually, the trakt app keep tracking our favorite videos and keep providing plenty of ways to share our favorite movies or any other shows..etc. Like this app we have so many apps with more than enough attracting features.┬áBut as per my experience nothing is better than the trakt tv, if you’re facing any issues while activating then trakt tv just click on the below image and you can get the step by step guidance. You can try them too by getting some information about those apps from the below lines. So lets get started.

Trakt tv activate

Apps Similar/Alternative To Trakt.Tv

Now we are going to give a list of alternative apps to the trakt.tv app, now you can select any one of those apps and use them with more publicly or privately how ever you would like to use. So read those top 5 tracking apps features and get whatever you want to get.

1.Simkl vs Trakt

The Simkl can automatically track tv, anime and also movies whatever you’re watching. If you’re confusing or if you’re unable to remember that where your favorite video will going to be playing such as amazon or netflix, no problem this Simkl will help you to remind. To mashup your watched data like combine all your queues in one place, it has a website, scrobbler (Computer application), open API and mobile app also. So once use this app and get your favorite stuff done what you hadn’t finish with your trakt.


2. Ishows Tv vs Trakt

The Ishows Tv allows you to find out the all kinds of tv shows and any other trending and also the most popular videos in a simple and easier way. This ishows tv has been powered by the trakt.tv, according to this If you’re connected to the Trakt.tv, you can even get recommendations based on your shows too, and also you have a chance to find out what TV shows your friends are watching. But you have to keep in mind is, with this app we can not view our favorite apps with in this Ishows Tv App.

iShows Tv


3. SeriesGuide vs Trakt

This Series guide find the shows to track which are powered by the “trakt.tv”. By the huge TV show catalog of TheTVDb it has been backed. After connecting your account we can access our trakt recommendations and also the library. In this app we have a share button to explore our favorite stuff into the internet world.So once use this app and get your favorite stuff done what you hadn’t finish with your trakt.

Series Guide

4. MovieLens vs Trakt

This MovieLens recommends to find non commercial, personalized movies and aso any other movies to watch.


5. Letterboxd vs Trakt

It is like a social site to share all your thoughts and interests on movies, now it is available in public beta also. So you can record your opinions on any of you watched films as a diary. What ever the list you have made through this Letterboxd you can share your lists and also reviews to any other social networks.


Final Thoughts:

We are regarding this tutorial help you a lot and we hope you have found this article very helpful. If that’s the case then share this article with your friends who are using the trakt and who wants to get the alternatives of this trakt.tv app. We also accept your thoughts and we will share them with our readers, so if you find any other best alternatives of this trakt.tv then leave your comment below by mentioning what you’re recommending us to use.

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