Tvad.me/pair Not Working (1 Working Solution)

Almost every Kodi user is aware of tvad.me/pair and its great contribution to delivering the different Kodi add-ons videos. There are few users who say that tvad.me/pair not working. For those users, solutions to this error are mentioned below. Just read the article and solve the tvad.me/pair issues.

Why do we get tvad.me/pair error?

Tvad.me is a type of bridge that delivers the videos without having any interruptions. Whenever someone tries to open a video through the add-on, he will definitely be struck some time to load your video. The reason for this interruption is that there are huge followers of the Kodi software. To avoid this problem, tvad.me pair developers and Kodi developers introduced pairing of IP addresses by working together.

If on your Kodi add-ons you get servers list, means your Kodi software don’t have the vidup pair. To pair your IP address of your device, you can follow the method mentioned below.

  • When you see a list of servers while playing a video on Kodi, search among them “tvad.me/the video server” and click on this server
  • When you select tvad.me server, A box will open saying “Stream Authorization Required”
  • It means you need to visit tvad.me/pair
  • When you visit tvad.me, you would get your “Connection IP” and “Captcha”
  • Solve the captcha and click on the “Pair” and “Activate Streaming” option
  • After a few seconds, you would get “Your IP address has authenticated”
  • Now you are ready to use the service for 4 hours
  • After 4 hours, just repeat the process

Fixing “Not Working Error” by Hosters With Captchas

This is an alternative method to fix tvad.me not working error. The name of this method is Hosters with captchas.

  • First of all launch your Kodi
  • Click on the “Video Add-ons” from the Home Screen
  • After that, click on your tvad.me adon
  • From tvad.me addon, click on “Settings” option
  • Select the playback option from the left column of your screen
  • Now click that playback option
  • Now, you will see “Hosters With Captchas” option
  • Turn off the Hosters with Captchas option to make this procedure successful
  • Finally, click on OK

Fix tvad.me error with URL Resolver

With the help of this method, the Kodi add-ons will not get any wrong URL issues. Follow the steps

  • Launch your Kodi
  • Select the option “Settings”
  • After that click on “System Settings”
  • You will get “Settings Mode”
  • Convert “Settings Mode” into “Expert Mode”
  • Now, click on the add-ons
  • After that, select “Manage Dependency”
  • Search for the “URL resolver” here and click on it
  • Now, “information Page” will appear, just click on this option
  • Click on the configure among the various options that are appearing
  • Now you will get “Resolver List” Click on it
  • From this list, you can select “tvad.me Resolver”
  • At last, click on “Confirm”

With this procedure you can fix tvad.me with the URL resolver. This methods helps you to fix tvad.me/pair at any kind of incidents.


How to Download KMSPICO For Windows 7/8/10 & MS Office Activator’s

KMSPICO is an excellent tool for activating the windows and the Micro Soft Office. This tool will give rid of from all kind of inactivating issues. If you are getting any kind of troubles from the windows and from your micro soft office then you must download this KMSPICO portable and this will help you a lot for making your windows and MS office start its working.

From this article, we are going to introduce you the downloading procedure of this famous tool now we are calling it as KMSPICO tool. So let’s get started our today’s tutorial from downloading procedure.

How To Download KMSPICO Tool For Windows And MS Office Activator’s

Now I am going to give you the latest and updated procedure to get the KMSPICO tool. If you will follow the below procedure you can get this tool for free and you can use that tool for the duration of 180 days. So let’s get started.

  1. First of all, you need to “Turn Off” the “Firewall” and all other “Antivirus Software”
  2. Then you need to visit the “Official Site” of the KMSPICO tool
  3. From that official site, you have to “Download” this tool
  4. After completion of the download, you have to “Install” this on your computer
  5. Now visit the “Installation Directory” and there you will get “KMSPICO Tool”
  6. Now you have to click on the “KMSeldi.exe” and then click on the “anyway kms” option
  7. Now a new window will come which contains “Three Buttons”
  8. From them, you have to select “Red Push Button”
  9. Wait for few seconds to get the “pop-up”
  10. After few seconds you will get “KMSPICO tool has Activated successfully”

From the above 10 given steps, you can get the KMSPICO tool as easy as possible. To get this tool you no need to spend single paise also, so use this opportunity and get this latest and fully updated activator tool.

After following the above ten steps procedure you have to follow the below simple steps that will help you to know how does KMSPICO activator will perform its work.

  • First of all, you need to right-click on the installation icon then it will run the setup for working on your PC
  • Restart your device after completion of your installation procedure
  • Now you have activated your window or Microsoft office successfully

That’s it here you have got the downloading procedure and also it’s working procedure. According to the above procedure, you can get this tool and you can use this tool for free of cost.

Latest Features Of KMSPICO Tool

  • It has very genuine activation
  • It doesn’t get expired
  • It doesn’t have any detection
  • It has a capability to support 32bit and also 64 bit OS
  • It is very safe to use and very clean
  • It can save your money

The above are the main advantageous features, If you got this tool for your windows and for your MS office then automatically you have got the above-mentioned features. So be happy with this tool, and enjoy all the time.