Fix Stream Authorization Error On Kodi

We know that you came here to avoid stream authorization pop up and access to the vevio pair server for watching movies. In this article we will guide you to how to do that before going to fix vev Io pair issues you just have to check below written aspects.

Note:  “for example If your kodi using device connected to “A” Wi-Fi network then you much connect your pairing device to the same “A” Wi-Fi network”
If your using kodi software in mobile or desktop then you can simply follow below steps without checking above thing.

How to fix stream authorization pop up on kodi

Just make sure do the above note process before following this below steps otherwise this steps not going to work even if you follow without any mistake. Let’s get started to fix the vev pair error on kodi.

  1. First type this URL in your browser “”.
  2. Once you open the above URL in your browser you will see the vev io pairing webpage.
  3. In that webpage you can see once “Captcha box” and “Activate streaming” button after the captcha box.
  4. Now we have to fix Captcha by clicking that check voz.
  5. Once we fix the Captcha then just click on “Activate Streaming” button.

If it’s paired properly then you will see the one note like this “your device is paired successfully now you can enjoy our service till 4 hours”.

How to fix on firestickor other devices

There are two ways to fix this vev pair error in firestickone is within firestick by using silk browser and another one is using another device like Mobile or tablet. Below method is for fix within firestick.

  1. First open your firestick and open Amazon app store
  2. Now your have to find and install silk browser by typing “silk browser” this name
  3. Once installation done just open that browser and type in that browser address bar
  4. Now click on captcha option, Then fix the Captcha by verifying those images
  5. Now you just need to click active steaming option to finish the vevio pair with your firestick.

This is the way to fix this solution and one more thing I want to tell you if you are usingFirestick for kodi or any other Android tv this you have to install browser from app store, if there is no option to install browser then just simply connect your mobile device to same network then follow the above method. In case this method not working for you then let us know by typing your issue in below comment box.

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