How to resolve no stream available on your Kodi 17.8 & 18

Let’s admit it we think about kodi only when we want some entertainment in our lives and want to relax, how upsetting it is when your kodi doesn’t stream your beloved videos?

Well if you are stuck in the same problem then do not waste hours to find the solution of how to fix it, you are on the right page to find the solution and to resolve no stream available problem and also facing issues in Placenta kodi Not Working 2018 error and as errors also fixed in this article.

The latest kodi versions are supposed to give you more and more flexibility but kodi still not working in 2018, where efficiency is the key feature of such software’s is pretty disappointing, isn’t it?

Top 4 Issues Causes to Get Kodi No Stream Available in 2018

If you try to switch to Kodi for your entertainment and find No stream available, then probably here is the guideline we can help you with to resolve your streaming issues of kodi.

  • Check if you are using an abandoned Kodi

Now with the constant up gradation, even the kodi add on are been updated on a fairly regular basis. So if you are using an old version of Kodi add on for instance you are still using the Genesis instead of the exodus, then you probably need to switch it to fix your No stream available problem.

Though you can still use the older version of these add –ons but they will not guarantee you flexibility while streaming.

  • Check if you are getting regulated, filtered or Geo- blocked by the ISP.

Sometimes the issue is not with your Kodi but with the location and the regulations, many kodi-add on are trying to give you flexibility and their sources might be from other country. But there are chances of no stream available issue if your ISP has enabled filtering. Geo- blocking means the server do not allow you to watch certain contents, films and videos, but you can easily surpass this problem if you mask your IP address.

  • Trouble shoot your Kodi application

This has happened to me quite a few times as well, now usually when I try to make my Kodi all fancy with new add ons and updates, Kodi starts acting unusual. This no streaming of videos might be one of them.

So simple resolve the Kodi issue, by this I mean factor reset the Kodi and trouble shoot all your Kodi related problems and get a brand new Kodi instead.

  • Clear cache

Sometimes our big problems have the simplest solution that we cannot believe, now whenever you watch any video on kodi a part of gets saved in your cache file, now when it is completely filed your next videos cannot load.

To encounter this problem either you can manually clear the cache every now and then or you can download Indigo Kodi add on from Kodi Israel ( repo. After this simply click on the clear cache option of the maintenance tool and get your videos back on streaming.

If you still encounter this problem, then I believe uninstall and reinstall the Kodi, or factor reset it as these are the best two solutions to get your working efficiently.

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